News Releases

RAATZ ROUNDUP: Protecting gun owners from discrimination

Financial institutions should not be allowed to discriminate against consumers based on their lawful purchases. That is why I sponsored House Enrolled Act 1084, which prevents financial institutions from discriminating against individuals who purchase a firearm. more »

Messmer Report: Updating Indiana's Drainage Laws

Property owners know their land best, and in recent years, they have expressed frustrations to lawmakers about government micromanagement of drainage activities on land they own. more »

Raatz: Disaster relief loans available in Franklin and Union counties

STATEHOUSE (May 31, 2024) — Qualified individuals in Franklin and Union counties may be eligible for one of several disaster relief loans following severe weather earlier this month, said State Sen. Jeff Raatz (R-Richmond). more »

RAATZ ROUNDUP: Reconnecting education and the workforce

More than 228,000 high school students were enrolled in Indiana Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses last year, and over 6% of students enrolled in higher education were going to a trade school. We have listened to many employers over the last year and believe that coordinated efforts to align our system with work based learning opportunities led by employers is critical to workforce pipeline readiness. That’s why I have supported several bills over the past few years to create more flexible work-based learning opportunities. more »

Messmer Report: Limiting Statewide Emergency Declarations

Emergency declarations can be an important tool to ensure resources get to communities in need in a timely manner. more »

Leising: Property tax appeal window closes June 17

STATEHOUSE (May 30, 2024) — State Sen. Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg) is reminding constituents any property tax assessment appeals must be filed with their county by June 17. more »

The Raatz Roundup: Helping teachers ensure students can read

In 2023, 1 in 5 students were missing foundational reading skills according to Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) data. Tackling this problem was the Indiana Senate's top legislative priority for 2024, reflected in the passage of Senate Enrolled Act 1 – a comprehensive bill to better identify students struggling to read, give them extra remediation, and support our educators in teaching literacy. more »

Messmer Report: Maintaining Indiana's secure elections

When Hoosiers cast their ballots, they have a right to know that the election is secure and others who are voting are legally registered. more »

Messmer Report: Ensuring students are prepared for their future

As the economy changes, it's important for high schools to adapt so graduating seniors are prepared for the future. more »

Leising: Senate District 42 benefits from nearly $73.4 million in broadband funding

STATEHOUSE (May 9, 2024) — More residents in Senate District 42 are gaining access to high-speed internet thanks to laws supported by State Sen. Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg). more »