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Statement from State Sen. Jim Merritt: Senate Bill 219

STATE HOUSE (Feb. 19, 2019) – “This session, I authored Senate Bill 219 to help protect survivors of sexual abuse, including adults who were sexually abused as children. Many of these victims are still processing the effects of abuse as adults, and some may not have reported the crime committed against them when they were younger.

“Unfortunately, under current law, these individuals are left with no recourse, as the statute of limitations does not allow them to bring their case forward now.

“SB 219, which recently passed the Senate 40 to 0, would urge the Legislative Council to task a summer study committee with studying the statute of limitations for a civil cause of action against a person whose negligent or intentional act or omission led to the sexual abuse of a child. If passed, this bill would send a signal to those who have been sexually abused that we want to find a way to help them seek justice for these terrible acts committed against them.”


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