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Statement on HB 1005 from State Sen. Brian Buchanan 3.3.2021

State Sen. Brian Buchanan (R-Lebanon) made the following statement today regarding House Bill 1005:

"The goal of House Bill 1005 is to help children in Indiana receive the very best education possible. I firmly believe a quality education can unlock many positive opportunities for our youth.

"HB 1005 is focused on removing financial roadblocks and empowering more parents to take control of their child’s education. We are just starting to work on HB 1005 in the Indiana Senate, and over the next few weeks, we will be talking with key stakeholders and gathering public input in regard to the legislation. I have personally talked with numerous school board members, administrators, teachers and parents from all across Indiana regarding this legislation. We will continue these discussions and dialogue in the coming weeks – I have no doubt we can fully support our tremendous public schools and provide families with quality opportunities for school choice."


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