Attracting Sports and Tourism to Indiana

Attracting Sports and Tourism to Indiana

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

While Indiana was already known for hosting the largest single-day sporting event - the Indianapolis 500 - as well as our love of basketball, our state has emerged as a hub for major sporting and tourism events. Communities across the state continue to receive new opportunities to expand tourism, and it is important they have the proper resources to attract events to their area.

Senate Enrolled Act 245 establishes the statewide sports and tourism bid fund in order to help Indiana communities access additional resources they may need to hold major events.

This funding will help Indiana be even more competitive in attracting sports and tourism events, allowing communities across the state to have a greater chance of hosting tourism opportunities that would stimulate local economic growth.

To encourage equal opportunity around the state, the Indiana Sports Corporation is required to ensure no less than 30% of the money received is utilized for events outside of Marion County.

As Indiana's sports and tourism industry expands, it is essential all Hoosier communities have the ability to compete for events and experience growth, and SEA 245 is a key step in assuring this.

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