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Zay: Wabash County receives three grants

STATEHOUSE (Feb. 6, 2020) Lt. Gov. Suzanne Crouch and the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs (OCRA) recently announced three communities in Wabash County have been awarded more than $500,000 to fund local improvement projects through Community Development Block Grants (CDBG) and the Quick Impact Placebased Grant (QuIP), said State Sen. Andy Zay (R-Huntington).

The CDBG was established to secure federal financial assistance to fund projects in rural Indiana communities to help improve the quality of life and ensure the health and safety of citizens. There are six different grant programs offered through the CDBG to address sewer and water systems, community centers, health and safety programs, and long-term local revitalization efforts.

QuIP grants are allocated to provide funding for social and physical local projects that spark community-wide conversation and creativity.

Senate District 17 was awarded five grants, and Wabash County received the following three:

  • The City of Wabash, in Wabash County, received $500,000 to participate in the CDBG’s Public Facilities Program;
  • The City of Wabash, in Wabash County, received $4,000 from QuIP’s Peer Mentoring Program to fund a collaborative program with the Town of Edinburg; and
  • Wabash Marketplace, in Wabash County, received $4,418 from QuIP for an art project with local traffic control boxes.

“Congratulations to the Wabash community, and thank you to the local leaders who put these grant proposals together,” Zay said. “Initiatives like these improve our quality of life, create collaborative partnerships and inspire interest in the arts. I look forward to the positive impacts these transformational projects will have in Senate District 17.”

For more information on OCRA and its grant opportunities, click here.


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