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Zay: Indiana Principal Leadership Institute advisory board meets

STATEHOUSE (June 11, 2020) – The Indiana Principal Leadership Institute (IPLI) recently held an advisory board meeting to discuss the director’s budget report, the Indiana New Administrator Leadership Institute report and future IPLI advisory board meetings, said State Sen. Andy Zay (R-Huntington).

IPLI is, by state statute, operated at Indiana State University and the Bayh College of Education. It was established in 2013 in a bipartisan effort by the Indiana General Assembly to strengthen education in the state. The mission of IPLI is to provide building level principals with the skills and tools needed to increase their personal leadership capacities, as well as to increase the learning capacities at their schools.

"As a member of the Indiana General Assembly, my role on the IPLI board is to contribute a legislative perspective and bring new ideas to better serve the needs of principals today," Zay said. "With the welcoming of a new director, now is the time to build on the successes of the past seven years and continue the investment in education leadership throughout all of Indiana. I am honored to serve on the IPLI advisory board so I can help raise Indiana education to be the best in the Midwest."

The IPLI board is comprised of eight members appointed by the president of Indiana State University and one member appointed by the state superintendent of public instruction. Each of the following groups must be represented by at least one member of the advisory board:

• Practicing public school principals;
• Members of the Indiana General Assembly;
• Experts in administration, supervision, curriculum development, or evaluation who are members of the faculty of a state supported university;
• Practicing school superintendents;
• Parents of public school age children;
• Practicing public school teachers; and
• Members of the business or industry community.

The board meets twice annually - once in the fall and once in the spring - corresponding with the first training of each semester. For more information on IPLI visit


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