What We’re Thankful for in Indiana

What We’re Thankful for in Indiana

Monday, November 25, 2013

The holiday season is finally here, and the Indiana Senate Republicans are looking forward to spending time with their families and friends before the 2014 legislative session begins. With Thanksgiving this week, we have been reflecting on what we’re thankful for as the year comes to a close.

While other states across the country aren’t faring as well, there’s a lot to be grateful for in Indiana. Here are a few highlights:

An Honestly Balanced Budget

Many states continue to spend beyond their means, but Indiana recently passed an honestly balanced two-year budget that funds our priorities and prepares for our future. Our ongoing revenues consistently exceed ongoing expenses, and we will end the biennium with approximately $2.2 billion in reserves. But we also made sure to pay down some of our taxpayer-funded debt – more than 53 percent of it over the past eight years. That responsible spending will give our children and grandchildren a better tomorrow.

A Solid, Taxpayer-Friendly Record

This year, Indiana was recognized as the 10th-best tax climate in the nation by the Tax Foundation. It’s easy to see why we earned that honor. In the 2013 legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly repealed the inheritance tax retroactively to Jan. 1, 2013. We also reduced the individual income tax rate, allowing Hoosiers to keep more of their hard-earned money. Additionally, we lowered the corporate income tax rate so that companies can continue to expand and add jobs to our economy. Together, these changes created the largest tax cut in state history, promoting growth for both businesses and families.

A Strong Sense of Bipartisanship

As gridlock continues to plague Congress, it’s great to see Indiana reaching across the aisle to get things done for Hoosiers. In the 2013 legislative session, 97 percent of bills that came before the Indiana Senate received bipartisan support. That’s allowed us to address issues and solve problems more quickly, and ensure that we’re keeping a variety of interests in mind. With the 2014 legislative session around the corner, we’ll continue to work together with civility and set a standard for other state legislatures to follow.

In the midst of this busy holiday season, we hope that you, too, take the time to think about what you’re thankful for in your life and as a Hoosier. Have a very happy Thanksgiving!