Support for children and families in need

Support for children and families in need

Thursday, October 21, 2021

In 2020, Indiana was considered one of the top states for adoption, promoting an easier and friendlier process. The Indiana Department of Child Services (DCS) documented 2,344 children adopted in 2020 alone. However, the foster care population continues to increase, creating a higher need of support and resources for children in foster care.

To create a better support system for these children, the General Assembly passed Senate Enrolled Act 365 in 2019, which introduced the CarePortal. CarePortal is a technology platform that connects DCS and faith-based community programs to strengthen child welfare resources in local communities.

Since the inception of the program, many religious organizations in our state have implemented the portal within their outreach programs. CarePortal can connect volunteers with ways to provide transportation, mentorship, meal delivery and various items to foster families. As of 2021, over 1,200 children have been served, for a total economic impact of $405,808. However, there is still a great need for donations from Hoosiers. Consider using CarePortal if you are looking to help support the foster children in your community

To learn more about this resource and find how you can assist foster families and children in need, click here.