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Statement from State Sen. Jeff Raatz

State Sen. Jeff Raatz (R-Centerville) made the following statement regarding the Next Level Roads Plan:

STATEHOUSE (July 17, 2017) — “Over the next five years, Senate District 27 residents will see more than 500 miles of road lanes resurfaced and 62 bridges rehabilitated or replaced. Gov. Holcomb’s ‘Next Level Roads’ initiative is a sustainable and data-driven infrastructure plan, which will preserve our existing roads and bridges, finish current projects and help us prepare and invest in our future infrastructure. The road and bridge improvements in our district are a much-needed investment and will benefit our economy. These projects will make traveling easier and more enjoyable for residents and visitors.”


Editor’s Note:

Click here for a link to a county list of construction projects and the Next Level Roads Plan.

Contact: Lauren Beatty, Press Secretary