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Statement from State Sen. Gary Byrne


Contact: Kellyn Harrison, Press Secretary

Statement from State Sen. Gary Byrne

State Sen. Gary Byrne (R-Byrneville) made the following statement today following the conclusion of the 2022 special session of the Indiana General Assembly:

STATEHOUSE (Aug. 5, 2022) – "Throughout the special session, I stood firm in believing Senate Enrolled Act 1 (ss) never went far enough when it came to protecting the unborn by prohibiting access to abortion.

"While I still believe this, I understand that any step to limit abortion access works to protect unborn Hoosiers, as this bill will end an estimated 95% of abortions performed in Indiana and abolishes abortion clinics in our state by ensuring procedures are performed solely in hospitals.

"This is why I supported the bill. I hope to see future legislation that further restricts access to abortion, and I will continue to believe in and diligently work to protect the sanctity of life."


BACKGROUND: The Indiana General Assembly convened for a special session July 25 and completed their work on Aug. 5. For a detailed description of the legislation passed in the special session and additional background information, click here.

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