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Statement from State Sen. Aaron Freeman

Statement from State Sen. Aaron Freeman

State Sen. Aaron Freeman (R-Indianapolis) made the following statement today regarding Senate Bill 124:

STATEHOUSE (Jan. 3, 2022) — “Recently, my office has heard from a number Hoosiers who are concerned about Senate Bill 124, and I would like to clear up some confusion on the topic.

"This legislation would not eliminate the requirement to use a turn signal. Indiana Code currently has two conflicting statutes concerning proper turn signal use. One requires continuous use of a turn signal at least 200 feet before the turn is completed, and the other requires the use of a turn signal, but does not specify a distance. I filed this legislation to eliminate the confusion between the two current statutes at the urging from our State Appellate Court. The configuration of many streets and city blocks make compliance with the 200 feet standard unreasonable, and thus, subjects many well-intentioned motorists and law-abiding citizens to unnecessary traffic tickets and fines.

"As an example, if you exit a parking lot that is within 200 feet of the next intersection, under current statute, you cannot lawfully execute a turn at the next intersection even if you activate your turn signal immediately upon exiting the parking lot. This legislation would rectify that problem."


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