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Spartz: Thank you Senate District 20!

Spartz: Thank you Senate District 20!

As I am sure many across our district know, my term as your state senator is coming to a close.

During the three years I've represented Senate District 20, I have focused on policies to improve our education, health care, government efficiency and criminal justice system, and I have contributed to more than three dozen bills becoming law and many amendments.

It has been a great honor representing Senate District 20 in the General Assembly. I am proud to have had a hand in crafting legislation that has improved our state.

In 2020, I authored Senate Enrolled Act 340, which protects Hoosiers' private property rights. I also authored Senate Enrolled Act 405 in 2019, which strengthens our voting security and provides a process for conducting election audits.

In addition, I authored measures to help ensure our state government is efficient, to improve health care cost and value, to reduce burdensome regulations of schools and teachers, to strengthen fiscal oversight of education spending and pension plans, to expand wraparound services for at-risk youth, and to modernize occupational licensing. Furthermore, by working with local leaders, the Indiana Department of Transportation and other state leaders, our efforts secured funding to expand SR 32 to four lanes.

Over the course of my tenure I have served as chair of the Legislative Council's Audit Committee and as a member of the Senate committees on education and career development, environmental affairs, financial services and insurance, and pensions and labor. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to advance policies that are best for our state.

I am proof that the American Dream is alive and well, and I will continue to be a voice for policies that protect personal liberties and advance our great state and country forward. I also hope that I will leave my colleagues with a thought that we need to think about policies boldly and comprehensively, and that it's okay to challenge the status quo.

Thank you, Hoosiers of Hamilton County, for your support throughout my term. Let us all continue to strive to leave our community and state better than we found for an even better future for our children.