Raising pay for Indiana State Police

Raising pay for Indiana State Police

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

As the state's leading law-enforcement agency, the Indiana State Police (ISP), offers assistance to nearly every law enforcement agency across the state.

Yet, data shows our state troopers are among the lowest paid law enforcement officers in Indiana.

Steep labor market constraints, an increase in work-related risks and rising prices from inflation are resulting in an alarming decrease in law enforcement officers and graduates.

Senate Republicans are making pay increases for ISP personnel a budget priority so compensation is reflective of their integral work.

The sacrifice our law enforcement officers make each day to protect Hoosiers should not be taken for granted. Our state should ensure the men and women who keep our communities safe are well-supported and rightly compensated.

The Senate is now considering the budget bill (House Bill 1001). For more information about HB 1001, click here