New Laws Take Effect July 1

New Laws Take Effect July 1

Friday, June 26, 2020

During the 2020 legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly passed more than 160 bills to improve the lives of Hoosiers.

These are some of the noteworthy changes to Indiana law that will take effect July 1.

  • To address distracted driving, Hoosier motorists will now be required to use hands-free or voice-operated technology if using a cellphone when behind the wheel. This new law does not prevent you from making an emergency call to 911 while driving and will help us all safely get to our destinations by cutting down the number of preventable accidents on Indiana roads.
  • To increase health care cost transparency, doctors and hospitals will be required to give patients a good-faith estimate upon request for the cost of most planned services. This new law helps patients reduce health care costs by giving them the power to compare prices from different providers. The General Assembly also passed legislation to limit "surprise billing" for nonemergency services, meaning Hoosiers won't be caught off guard by large unexpected medical bills.

  • To reduce youth smoking and vaping in Indiana, fines will be doubled for businesses that sell tobacco and vaping products to minors. Vape shops will also be barred from allowing underage individuals in their stores, and they will be subject to state inspections, just like tobacco shops. This also aligns Indiana law with federal law by raising the smoking and vaping age to 21.

  • To improve justice for victims of sexual assault and other sex offenses, the General Assembly created an exemption to the statute of limitations for sex crimes against children, allowing victims to seek justice if new evidence comes to light years later. Additionally, victims of sexual assault will now have the legal right to speak to a victim advocate or social worker while their case is being investigated.

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