May is Military Appreciation Month

May is Military Appreciation Month

Friday, May 29, 2020

During the month of May, Americans celebrate Military Appreciation Month to recognize current and former members of the U.S. Armed Forces and those who lost their lives protecting our country. This month – and every month – it is important that we take the time to appreciate the sacrifices those in the armed forces are making on our behalf throughout the year.

Although there may be no way to adequately thank those who have served, the Indiana General Assembly strives to improve the lives of Hoosier veterans by enacting policies that offer additional educational and employment opportunities, as well as tax relief for active and retired service members.

To increase access to higher education, all Indiana Air and Army National Guard members receive full tuition and fee support while attending an Indiana school. The state also pays for eight semesters of college for honorably discharged Purple Heart recipients from Indiana. Additionally, any veteran outside of Indiana who enrolls in an Indiana school will not have to pay out-of-state tuition.

Additionally, the Indiana Department of Workforce Development has established programs to ease veterans' transitions back to civilian careers. The Disabled Veterans’ Outreach Program specializes in tailored training and job placement opportunities for veterans with service-connected disabilities. The Local Veterans’ Employment Representative Program also coordinates services provided to veterans, including counseling and identifying training and employment opportunities.

Lastly, Indiana provides various tax breaks for service members. These include property tax deductions for disabled veterans as well as income tax reductions. Additionally, a person who is retired from the military and is receiving military retirement or survivor’s benefits is also eligible for a deduction or exemption.

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