Learn more about the Senate Republican legislative internship

Learn more about the Senate Republican legislative internship

Friday, July 9, 2021

Applications are now open for the Indiana Senate Republican Caucus' 2022 internship program.

College students and recent graduates have the opportunity to apply for a legislative internship with the Senate.

Legislative interns work directly with one or two state senators and gain practical knowledge of state government by working alongside senators as they navigate the legislative process.

A key responsibility of this internship is fielding and responding to constituent concerns.

Constituents often write to their senator about an issue they are experiencing, and it is the job of the legislative intern to help the senator identify a timely solution. This could entail reaching out to a state agency or working with the local and/or federal government to help provide resources to the constituent.

Legislative interns also track and analyze bill data, staff Senate committee hearings and meetings, and conduct legislative and policy research. Through these tasks, interns gain knowledge of how bills impact a wide variety of topics like education, public health, fiscal policy and environmental affairs.

Jake Torrie, who served as a legislative intern during the 2020 session and now serves as a legislative assistant, offered the following on his internship experience:

"The Indiana Senate legislative internship was one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences of my young professional career. In fact, it was the opportunity that set in motion my career and allowed me to enter the public sector. Being fully immersed in the legislative process gives me a great sense of accomplishment, and solidifies in my mind the goal of pursuing a career in public service. I am confident that the experience gained, coupled with the connections made, during this internship has set me up for long-term success."

Cheyenne Hodges, who also served as a legislative intern during the 2020 session and now serves a legislative assistant, echoed Torrie, adding:

"Interning with the Indiana State Senate has proven to be an invaluable experience that I will never forget. This opportunity has enabled me to refine my skills and develop connections that have allowed me to be successful as a legislative assistant."

The internship runs from the end of December 2021 through mid-March 2022.

Click here for more information and to apply by Oct. 31.