Investing in K-12 education

Investing in K-12 education

Wednesday, May 31, 2023

A high-quality K-12 education system is vital in successfully preparing Hoosiers for the workforce or post-secondary education, which is why it is always a priority for Senate Republicans when crafting the state's two-year budget.

The new 2024-25 budget allocates $2.9 billion in new state funding for K-12 education, including a $1.5 billion increase in tuition support – with 62% of the support going toward teacher pay and benefits. It also eliminates textbook fees and expands the number of families who can utilize school choice.

The budget also allocates $15 million to fund Career Scholarship Accounts and $25 million toward the Career Advising Grant Program to expand work-based learning opportunities for high school students and teachers.

In addition, the Secured School Safety Grant program received an $11 million increase to ensure Hoosier schools are kept safe and secure.

Senate Republicans also set aside an additional $700 million to continue aggressively paying down the Pre-1996 Teachers' Retirement Fund, which supports retired teachers and will ultimately allow for consideration of tax reform to Indiana's tax system once the fund is self-sustaining.

Investing in Indiana's students, schools and teachers will foster supportive, safe learning environments for Hoosiers to pursue successful career paths. In doing so, Indiana can become an even better place to live, work and raise a family.

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