Indiana's 2022 Automatic Taxpayer Refund

Indiana is one of only six states with an automatic taxpayer refund law, and our state's strong fiscal and economic recovery following the COVID-19 pandemic allowed us to end Fiscal Year 2021 with enough money in state reserves to provide a taxpayer refund in 2022.

In total, about $545 million will be distributed statewide to those who qualify. Each state income taxpayer is set to receive about $125 through the 2022 refund.

Refunds have already begun through direct deposit for residents who have filed their income taxes and provided their banking information on their return. Direct deposits are expected to continue through July. Paper checks will be issued beginning in late July and continue through August, with the goal of completing the refund statewide by Sept. 1.

You should allow until Sept. 1 to receive your automatic taxpayer refund. Additional guidance on what to do if you do not receive it will be provided by the Indiana Department of Revenue (IDOR) at that time. If you have questions about eligibility, how to check your refund status or anything else relating to the automatic taxpayer refund, click here.

During the legislative session this year, Senate Republicans championed Senate Enrolled Act 1, which adjusts the 'Use of Excess Reserves' law to ensure that every Hoosier who should qualify for a refund will get one. Without these changes, around 900,000 taxpayers would not receive the refund.

Indiana's economic success has put our state in a great position moving forward, and Senate Republicans will continue to pursue initiatives that build on our state's impressive financial standing.