Improving health care in Indiana

Improving health care in Indiana

Tuesday, June 18, 2024

This session, Senate Republicans continued work to improve health care access and lower prices for Hoosiers.

To improve access to the most up-to-date and effective health care treatments, Senate Republicans supported new laws this year improving breast cancer screenings and requiring health insurance plans to cover innovative biomarker testing.

And just as important, health care should be affordable for Hoosiers, especially when they need life-saving treatments.

Another new law supported by Senate Republicans this year aims to make insurance bills fairer by preventing insurance companies from approving inaccurate and fraudulent claims that drive up health insurance premiums.

Another measure will help protect Hoosiers from surprise bills from out-of-network ambulance providers. Under House Enrolled Act 1385, Hoosiers will not have to pay more than their in-network rates for out-of-network ambulance services.

Finally, a new law aimed at lowering health care costs across the state will require health care entities in Indiana to give a 90-day notice to the Indiana Attorney General's office before a merger or acquisition of at least $10 million.

This follows testimony heard last year by the Health Care Cost Oversight Task Force indicating that consolidations and a lack of competition are a factor in high health care costs for Hoosiers.

SEA 9 will help ensure major Indiana health care markets remain competitive, keeping costs lower for Hoosiers.

Having adequate and affordable health care is an important part of keeping Hoosiers healthy and Senate Republicans will continue to look for ways to make Indiana prosper.