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Statement on the conclusion of the 2022 special session

State Sen. Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne) made the following statement today following the conclusion of the 2022 special session of the Indiana General Assembly:

STATEHOUSE (Aug. 5, 2022) – “I know that what we did today to empower women and protect life is just the beginning. Our actions will save thousands of lives each year and show women and babies we love them both. When we return to the Statehouse in January, babies saved by this law will be far into their development in the womb, with hair on their heads and kicking playfully as they respond to their mom’s voice.

“Much work remains as we make it unimaginable to end an unborn baby's life. I believe every life has dignity, no matter the circumstances of conception, so I grieve those lives that will continue to be ended within our borders and for those women who will be victimized by criminal perpetrators.

“As we pursue the next phase of our work to promote life, we must continue building on resources and support for women. I believe my colleagues would all rise to the occasion if a pregnant family member came to them and asked for help. We must ensure all Hoosier women have the support system our own families would provide. A woman should never have to choose between bringing a child into this world or paying her rent or keeping her job. Bringing a life into the world is a gift. It is the ultimate unselfish act, which is exponentially returned with love.

“As a state, we must continue to promote fatherhood and recognize the value that fathers provide their children. We must also work with those in the health care industry to promote the resources that women and families need and encourage doctors in their medical training to care for two patients – both the pregnant woman and the unborn child.

“This bill is the culmination of decades of work to defend life in the womb and care for women. But until the day that all women are supported and all unborn children are protected, we will keep working to improve our laws and build a culture of life.”


BACKGROUND: The Indiana General Assembly convened for a special session July 25 and completed their work on Aug. 5. For a detailed description of the legislation passed in the special session and additional background information, click here