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Buchanan Honors Trooper Peter "Bo" Stephan

BUCHANAN HONORS TROOPER PETER “BO” STEPHAN – State Sen. Brian Buchanan (R-Lebanon) paid tribute to Indiana State Police Trooper, Peter “Bo” Stephan, at the Statehouse Tuesday, Jan. 21, with Senate Concurrent Resolution 6.

Stephan, who was stationed with the Lafayette post of the Indiana State Police, lost his life in a single-car crash in October of 2019 while responding to a call for backup.

“I know Trooper Stephan is dearly missed by his family, friends and fellow officers,” Buchanan said. “His service and sacrifice to our state is appreciated beyond measure, and I hope future members of law enforcement will look to Stephan as an example of what it means to be courageous.”

State Sen. Brian Buchanan (R-Lebanon) pays tribute to State Trooper Peter “Bo” Stephan.

He was joined by Stephan’s family and more than 20 Indiana State Troopers.