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Bray: Civil Forfeiture Bill Passes Committee

STATEHOUSE (Jan. 24, 2018) — A bill reforming Indiana’s civil forfeiture laws recently passed out of the Senate Committee on Judiciary by a vote of 7-0, said State Sen. Rodric Bray (R-Martinsville).

Senate Bill 99 establishes a probable cause requirement for all forfeiture cases and establishes a process for innocent property owners to get their property back if it was seized while in another person’s possession.

“Civil forfeiture is an important tool for fighting crime as it gives law enforcement officers the power to seize the property of drug dealers and gangs,” Bray said. “SB 99 balances the rights of our law enforcement officers with a person’s right to their property. By establishing these guidelines and speeding up the court process, our civil forfeiture process will benefit both law enforcement and property owners.”

SB 99 now moves to the full Senate for further consideration.