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Bohacek: Bill to provide juvenile detainees with school materials signed into law

STATEHOUSE (June 28, 2019) — A bill authored by State Sen. Mike Bohacek (R-Michiana Shores) to provide juvenile detainees with school materials was ceremonially signed into law by Gov. Eric Holcomb Thursday, June 27.

Senate Enrolled Act 29 requires a school corporation, upon the request of a parent or juvenile detention facility, to provide a child who is detained for more than seven days with the school materials corresponding to their respective grade level or the courses the child is or would be enrolled in if they were not detained.

This bill also requires the school corporation to deliver the coursework at least once every seven days, excluding any days that are not student instructional days.

“Currently, children who find themselves in one of these facilities are unable to stay up-to-date on their schoolwork and often fall behind academically,” Bohacek said. “SEA 29 helps ensure these children are able to better transition back into the classroom upon their release, and I am hopeful this law will help them get on a better path moving forward.”

Under SEA 29, the school corporation is responsible for the costs associated with preparing and delivering the school materials, except for the assessment of rental fees for curricular materials.

SEA 29 also requires a suspended student to complete all assignments and school work during their suspension.

Schools will also now be required to provide expelled students with a list of available alternative education programs or virtual charter schools that they may attend during their expulsion.

“Students who are suspended or expelled from school are often already experiencing academic difficulties,” Bohacek said. “This new law will help ensure these students do not fall further behind on their academics and are provided the best opportunity for future success.”

SEA 29 takes effect July 1.


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Photo of bill signing is included below.