Auto Insurance for Foster Children

Auto Insurance for Foster Children

Friday, June 3, 2022

Getting a driver's license and auto insurance are important steps toward independence for many young Hoosiers, but those in foster care often face high cost barriers when trying to obtain insurance. Children living in temporary homes can pay up to 40% more for auto insurance than non-foster children because they typically stay with a family for a short period of time and therefore don't have an adult who will add them to their existing plan.

To help alleviate this situation, Senate Enrolled Act 246 creates new insurance options and charitable funding opportunities to help foster children obtain auto insurance and offset costs.

SEA 246 establishes the Insuring Foster Youth Trust Fund, which provides payments to foster youth to defray the cost of auto insurance coverage and 44 or fewer of the 50 hours of supervised driving practice.

Driving is a fundamental aspect of transitioning into adulthood. Addressing this financial hurdle is a big step in providing independence to the more than 13,000 Indiana foster children and ensuring they have the same opportunities as other young Hoosiers.

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