Take Five: What is Organization Day?

Take Five: What is Organization Day?

Thursday, November 14, 2013

As part of this blog, we will frequently feature a segment called “Take Five,” which answers the top five questions the Indiana Senate Republican Caucus most frequently hears about a specific topic. For our first post, we’ll explain a day that’s coming up on the Indiana General Assembly’s calendar.

Organization Day is Tuesday, Nov. 19, and many constituents have asked us what the significance of this day is. We’ve broken it down for you here.

What exactly is Organization Day, and when is it held?

Organization Day ceremonially kicks off the legislative session and generally functions as an administrative day. No legislation is voted on or discussed. Typically, this is held in November, prior to the legislative session’s official start in January.

What happens on Organization Day?

During a long session – when the General Assembly creates a two-year budget – Organization Day is used as an opportunity to arrange committees and swear in new members. Since this is a short session with no budget in the works, each caucus may use this as a chance to organize before session officially begins in January.

Who is in the Statehouse on Organization Day?

This is the first time the Indiana Senate will come together since the 2013 legislative session adjourned in April. All legislators are asked to be present on Organization Day, and many choose to invite family members and introduce them to their colleagues.

What happens after Organization Day?

After Organization Day, the General Assembly has one month to prepare for session, which begins on Jan. 6. Many senators use this time to spend the holidays with their families and finalize their ideas for new legislation.

Can I watch Organization Day live?

Absolutely! We will be streaming Organization Day, which you can watch on our homepage’s Watch Live feature. Tune in on Nov. 19 at 1:30 p.m. when the Indiana Senate meets in the Senate Chamber.