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Statement regarding the passage of Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 2

State Sen. Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne) made the following statement today regarding the passage of Senate Bill 1 and Senate Bill 2:

STATEHOUSE (July 30, 2022) – “I’m doubtful a Hoosier exists who would say this week of special session has gone the way he or she wanted. From my perspective, a perspective that values every human life no matter the circumstances of conception, there have been challenges to crafting a bill that will protect all Hoosier women and children from abortion, but the bill we passed out of the Senate today is stronger than when it was introduced. I’m encouraged by the steps we’ve taken, but more work remains.

“I urge my fellow elected officials to continue striving to close loopholes and clarify language so that abortion providers don’t exploit vague terms to continue taking the lives of innocent human children in the womb. I urge my constituents and fellow pro-life Hoosiers from every corner of the state to continue conversations with their representatives until there is a signed bill. Senate Bill 1 has the potential to protect many lives, but continuing to strengthen the language will reduce ambiguity and help the vulnerable.

“I’m glad to see Senate Bill 2 advance to the House of Representatives with strong provisions for supporting pregnancy centers and other community-based and state-level support organizations. Hoosier women, children and families need to know a network exists to help them through pregnancy, birth and parenting. Indiana is a stronger state when we have stronger families.”