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Statement from State Sen. Spencer Deery on the end of the 2023 legislative session

Contact: Lance Gideon

Statement from State Sen. Spencer Deery

State Sen. Spencer Deery (R-West Lafayette) made the following statement following the conclusion of the 2023 legislative session:

STATEHOUSE (April 28, 2023) – "This first session has been a daily reminder of how much more I have to learn as a Senator as well as how much more work we have to do as a state.

"But it also has been a reminder of the impact one Senator, even a freshman, can have as a force for good.

"Sometimes that was in the form of bills I passed and votes I took, but it also was in the form of colleagues I persuaded, debates I forced, and bad legislation I made better.

"Those feats are rarely noticed, but they are what I am most proud of as I reflect on my work in this first session.

"As a new Senator I knew much of what I wanted to accomplish would need to wait for future years, but I am proud of what I was able to win support for in this first session, including language that will make our tax bills more transparent and District 23 counties more financially stable.

"I also passed bills that will allow more Hoosiers to earn a college degree and more businesses to access the workers they need.

"Senate Enrolled Act 404 will lead to more Hoosiers finishing a college degree by limiting the scenarios in which public Indiana colleges may refuse to distribute a transcript to current and former students. SEA 404 was signed into law by the governor and goes into effect July 1.

"House Enrolled Act 1046 would allow Tippecanoe County and any of its adjacent counties to enter into an interlocal agreement to expand public transportation across county lines, as long as the county commissioners and county council agree. This gives counties more flexibility to remove a hurdle that keeps some local residents from attaining higher paying jobs across our region and businesses from accessing more labor.

"House Enrolled Act 1499 includes language from my Senate Bill 243 that would require the Indiana Department of Revenue to make available to taxpayers an electronic receipt that clearly explains how their tax dollars are used. This would improve transparency and help voters make more informed decisions.

"House Enrolled Act 1454 includes provisions that would gradually reduce the amount of tax revenue that is taken from Tippecanoe County and given to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. No other county must send 10% of its innkeeper's tax to DNR, and thanks to my language, Tippecanoe County will not have to anymore. The current language unwinds the tax over ten years, but I'll be back next year to try and speed that up.

"I also included language in this bill that would allow Parke County, if county leaders choose to, to raise its innkeeper's tax from five to eight percent. The county receives millions of tourists each year, but the county fails to capture sufficient revenue from those visitors to cover some of the costs those tourists bring to emergency services.

"Now my attention turns to the next session and the issues that matter most for our state and our people. I continue to welcome and invite input from all."


State Sen. Spencer Deery (R-West Lafayette) represents Senate District 23,
which includes Fountain, Parke, Vermillion and Warren counties,
and portions of Montgomery and Tippecanoe counties.
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