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Spending a lifetime fighting for life

By State Sen. Liz Brown (R-Fort Wayne)

This week, I traveled from Indiana, one of the most pro-life states in our nation, to hear firsthand the Supreme Court arguments in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization. Just as importantly, I stood with pro-life groups as diverse as our nation who were rallying outside the Court's Chambers, praying and cheering on life.

I never imagined 10 years after Roe v. Wade that I would be nine months pregnant and walking across the law school stage for graduation. I never imagined that by the time I delivered our seventh child, 20 years after Roe, that abortion on demand would be growing.

I knew, 41 years after Roe, when I was elected to the Indiana State Senate, that I would be part of the movement, championing pro-life legislation that would lead us to where we were this week, at the doors of the Supreme Court.

Just as the Supreme Court recognized the constitutionality of the dignified disposal of human remains, the aborted fetus, I am confident this new Court will recognize the constitutionality of the 15-week abortion ban put forth by the great state of Mississippi as we continue our fight for life.