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Raatz Roundup: Expanding Educational Flexibility

Expanding Educational Flexibility

By State Sen. Jeff Raatz (R-Richmond)

Students can save a significant amount of time and money by obtaining college credits while still in high school, but some do not have this opportunity. That is why I co-authored Senate Enrolled Act 8 this session, to address this issue and other inflexibilities in the process of obtaining college credits and applying them to a degree.

SEA 8 expands the availability of College Core classes to high schools across the state and ensures the courses are eligible for credit at state educational institutions. This makes sure students are better prepared for college and allows them to earn some of their general education credits early.

The law also allows students to reverse transfer their credits to Ivy Tech to potentially get an associate's degree if they must leave a four-year university early, whether due to an adverse life circumstance, financial issues, or other reasons, to make sure the time they spent getting their degree is not wasted.

SEA 8 would also require four-year colleges to look into offering associate degrees and giving students the opportunity to earn their bachelor's degree in three years.

By giving students more flexibility in obtaining their degree and removing unnecessary barriers, we can ensure higher education is more accessible for Hoosiers across the state.

Constituents can reach out to me with any questions or concerns they may have by filling out a "Contact Me" form on the website or by phone at 800-382-9467.


State Sen. Jeff Raatz (R-Richmond) represents Senate District 27,
which includes Henry, Union and Wayne counties, and portions of Franklin County.
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