New Laws Going Into Effect July 1, 2024

New Laws Going Into Effect July 1, 2024

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

The Indiana General Assembly passed many new laws during the 2024 legislative session, and some go into effect beginning July 1.

Of these new laws, more than 90% received bipartisan support on Senate final passage and more than 50% received unanimous support on Senate final passage.

This year, Senate Republicans supported the laws listed below to help improve our community and safety.

  • Senate Enrolled Act 9 helps to lower the cost of health care in Indiana. Unfortunately, Hoosiers pay among the highest health care costs in the nation. SEA 9 addresses this by improving transparency on market consolidation in Indiana's health care system to help promote competition that drives down prices and prevents anti-competitive corporate mergers.
  • Senate Enrolled Act 181 fights illegal immigration that's increasing drug trafficking and violent crime in non-border states like Indiana. SEA 181 strengthens Indiana's ban on "sanctuary cities" that refuse to enforce laws against illegal immigration.
  • Senate Enrolled Act 190 supports disaster victims when communities deal with natural emergencies like tornadoes and floods. Indiana's State Disaster Relief Fund is available to provide financial assistance to victims, and this new law increases the maximum award available from this fund and expands how the money can be used.
  • House Enrolled Act 1003 protects citizens against bureaucratic overreach. Previously, courts had to defer to state agencies on interpreting the law when ordinary citizens sue the state for what they believe is an illegal government act. HEA 1003 ends this deference to agencies by reflecting the American principle that everyone is equal in the eyes of the law.
  • House Enrolled Act 1021 establishes a new Green Alert Program for Hoosier veterans. Similar to Amber and Silver alerts, the Green Alert Program helps to locate and assist at-risk missing veterans.
  • House Enrolled Act 1086 allows bars and restaurants to have happy hours and offer carryout cocktails, helping boost our local economies and strengthen our small businesses.
  • House Enrolled Act 1120 prohibits local governments from entering into sister city agreements with units located in a country deemed a foreign adversary by the U.S. government. These agreements could pose a national security risk by exposing our local leaders to undue influence by hostile foreign actors.
  • House Enrolled Act 1142 creates the "Hoosier First Responder Medal of Honor" to recognize first responders who go above and beyond to serve and protect our community as well as those who have risked or given their lives in the line of duty.
  • House Enrolled Act 1183 protects Indiana land from foreign threats. Communist China and other hostile foreign actors are threatening our national security by buying up farmland across the U.S. This law blocks companies controlled by America's foreign adversaries from buying land within 10 miles of a military base or any Indiana farmland.

More than 700 bills were introduced during the 2024 legislative session, and of those, only 172 passed the General Assembly. Some bills went into effect right after they were signed by Gov. Holcomb, and some won't go into effect until a later year, but most often, bills go into effect July 1 following the legislative session.

A full list of the laws passed during the 2024 legislative session can be found by visiting the website or by clicking here.