Making K-12 education affordable in Indiana

Making K-12 education affordable in Indiana

Tuesday, July 18, 2023

With students across Indiana getting ready to go back to school, families around the state are buying new school supplies and outfits so their children are ready for another year of learning.

One expense Hoosier families won't have to worry about this year is covering the cost of curriculum fees for their children in public schools.

That's because our new state budget allocates $160 million to cover these expenses beginning this school year.

During his State of the State Address in January, Gov. Eric Holcomb talked about one parent in Indiana paying about $630 in curriculum fees for her four children. Costs this high were common for parents across the state.

With this new funding, Indiana becomes one of more than 40 states across the country to cover the costs of textbook and technology fees.

The elimination of curriculum fees is part of the state's historic $2.9 billion investment in K-12 education funding over the next two years.

Senate Republicans also supported continuing a $10 million annual investment in the Education Scholarship Account (ESA) program for students with special needs.

ESAs provide families funding so parents or guardians of these students can choose the best educational environment that meets the needs of their children.

Qualified expenses that can be covered by an ESA include tuition fees at qualified schools, transportation costs up to $750 annually, examination fees, occupational therapy, and tuition for training programs focusing on vocational, academic or life skills.

Making these investments in Indiana's students is important for our state's long-term success. Senate Republicans were happy to support these initiatives so parents feel confident about the quality of education their students receive.

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