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Raatz Roundup: Investing in K-12 Education

Submitted for use on Aug. 6, 2022
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Investing in K-12 Education

By State Sen. Jeff Raatz (R-Richmond)

During the 2021 legislative session, the Indiana General Assembly created a budget allocating a historic $1.03 billion in new funding to K-12 education; $345.6 million for the 2021-22 school year and $685.6 million for the current 2022-23 school year.

This money is sustainable, which means its allocation is intended to continue when future budgets are enacted, instead of acting as a one-time occurrence.

In addition to this ongoing funding, we added a one-time investment of $902 million. This includes funding to assist in learning loss due to COVID-19, as well as $600 million meant to fulfill the state's promise to education retirees by paying down the unfunded liability of the Pre-1996 Teachers' Retirement Fund.

Lastly, the General Assembly required school districts to expend 45% of state tuition support funding on teacher pay, and encouraged every school district to set the base salary for beginning teachers at a minimum of $40,000.

We should be proud that the state recognizes the need to ensure our teachers are paid well to support the most important investment we can make for our future - educating our children.

We must look at this historical expenditure and understand that an investment in education is worthwhile, as it will better support Hoosier children and improve our education system.

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