Indiana Workforce Development

Indiana Workforce Development

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Over the past few years, workforce development has been a top priority for Indiana. Both the Senate and House of Representatives have authored workforce-related bills and included them on legislative agendas. Developing Indiana’s workforce was a focus of Gov. Eric Holcomb’s recent State of the State address, and he has made it a part of his five pillars in his Next Level Indiana agenda.

Developing a skilled, 21st century workforce is necessary to sustain Indiana’s competitive edge as the world’s economy continues to evolve. There will be more than one million jobs available in the our state over the next 10 years as the baby boomer generation retires and more companies choose to call Indiana home. With a diverse and growing job market, Indiana offers an abundance of opportunity, but Hoosiers need to be ready to fill these positions. Below are some of the broader goals Indiana’s leaders have identified in order to help Hoosiers be prepared for their future careers.

  • Every student should receive a baseline education including diverse skill sets such as STEM, critical thinking and intellectual curiosity.

  • Students should graduate from high school with the skills necessary to attend college or pursue meaningful training or employment in a career path that interests them.

  • Working-age adults need to be actively participating in the education and career training of Indiana’s youth.

  • Preparing Hoosiers for the jobs of the future is critical to the economic health of our state, and lawmakers are dedicated to identifying meaningful ways to provide workforce-training opportunities to people across the state.

For a detailed look at the Indiana Department of Workforce Development’s website click here