Indiana secures major workforce development initiative

Indiana secures major workforce development initiative

Friday, October 19, 2018

Indiana will be the second state in the country to benefit from a multifaceted workforce development initiative spearheaded by Skillful.

Skillful will lead a coalition of stakeholders as they work to help Hoosiers gain the skills they need to get a good job in our changing economy.

Skillful selected Indiana because our state possesses the critical elements and necessary infrastructure for success, including strong support from the governor and Indiana’s workforce ecosystem.

In the next decade, Indiana will need more than 1 million skilled workers to support our state’s economic growth. To help prepare for these jobs, Skillful Indiana will bring investment, training, tools and innovative methods to support Holcomb’s Next Level Jobs Program, as well as work closely with Indiana businesses and the educational community to equip Hoosiers with the necessary skills to succeed in the digital economy.

Skillful will tailor its programs to match Indiana’s distinctive mix of large, small, urban and rural employers. Career coaches will also play an important role in helping Hoosiers navigate educational and job opportunities.

Additionally, to help accelerate a skills-based labor market in Indiana, Skillful will:

  • Work with employers to expand opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds;
  • Work with Indiana’s innovative higher education community;
  • Invest in the professional development of career coaches; and
  • Apply data-driven insights and technology tools to all of its efforts.

For more information on this new initiative, click here.