Get to Know: Sen. Mike Bohacek

Get to Know: Sen. Mike Bohacek

Friday, March 24, 2017

Newly-elected State Sen. Mike Bohacek’s (R-Michiana Shores) road to public service is a little different than his colleagues.

“It was kind of strange,” he said. “It involved a shed.”

While building a shed in his backyard many years ago, Bohacek ran into an issue with the Michiana Shores Zoning Board – his shed did not meet the zoning requirements. Not wanting others in his town to face the same issue, Bohacek ran for the Michiana Shores Town Council, won and changed the zoning codes pertaining to sheds.

Little did he know, refining zoning laws was only the beginning of his public service career.

Out of concern for a town bridge, he later ran for County Commissioner. After winning, he again found a solution for the problem.

Now, he has chosen yet another way to resolve issues and serve the public – the Indiana State Senate.

“Rather than complaining about things, it’s just better to do things,” he said. “The best way to do it is to get involved.”

Life outside of public service

Aside from his work at the Senate, Bohacek’s life has always been centered around his family.

His mom holds a special place in his life, as his role model.

“My mom raised me,” he said. “She worked a couple of part-time jobs and struggled through.”

When he is not at the Statehouse, Bohacek makes it a priority to spend time with his three daughters.

“I’m really involved with my kids…I’m a (really) active dad,” he said. “We live near the beach, so beach activities, outdoor activities are a big part of what we do.”

First-year goal

This legislative session, Bohacek plans to address the heroin epidemic in his district.

“My district’s been hit really hard with heroin issues,” he said. “We really just need to take a good, hard look at that, and that’s something that has been really important to me and my district.”

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Bohacek’s Favorites

  • Favorite music: Mid-to-late 90s music
  • Favorite movies: All of the Men in Black, Jason Bourne and James Bond movies and The Incredibles
  • Favorite hobbies: Spearfishing, boating and scuba diving