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Drainage, seed and veterinary bills pass committee


Contact: Kyra Helming, Press Secretary
Walter Aleksic, Press Secretary Intern 

Leising: Drainage, seed and veterinary bills pass committee 

STATEHOUSE (Jan. 12, 2022) — Three bills authored by State Sen. Jean Leising (R-Oldenburg) passed the Senate Committee on Agriculture and the Senate Committee on Natural Resources on Monday, Jan. 10.

The Senate Committee on Natural Resources passed Senate Bill 85 unanimously, and the Senate Committee on Agriculture passed Senate Bill 129 and Senate Bill 177 unanimously.

SB 85 would establish a drainage task force of 17 members. This task force would be required to do three things:

• Review the responsibilities of landowners and state and local authorities according to current laws relating to drainage of land;

• Make determinations concerning drainage and regulatory matters based on their findings; and

• Determine whether the balance between state and local authority over drainage of agricultural land is comparable to neighboring states.

This task force would also be allowed to make recommendations through a report based on their findings.

SB 129 would require the state seed commissioner to charge a fee for testing the purity and germination of seeds, which is standard in the seed testing industry. This bill would also allow the state chemist to adopt rules to establish fees that are necessary for the administration of certain laws concerning the sale and transfer of plant cultures.

SB 177 would provide that the state veterinarian serves as the chief administrative officer of the Indiana Board of Veterinary Medicine, performs the duties delegated by the board and provides advice and assistance to the board. This bill would also establish the Indiana Center for Animal Policy and would make the state veterinarian the chief administrative officer of this center. Finally, this bill would allow the board to investigate complaints against individuals that are regulated by the board, and the board would be permitted to subpoena witnesses and complete necessary steps to finish the investigation.

"These bills can make a positive impact on our state's agricultural landscape, and I look forward to shepherding them continue through the lawmaking process," Leising said. "I am interested in learning what SB 85 would be able to find about our state's drainage of land, creating appropriate fees for seed testing through SB 129 and providing the state veterinarian with additional roles and creating the Indiana Center for Animal Policy through SB 177."

SB 85, 129, and 177 will now be considered by the full Senate. To learn more about these bills or to watch the Senate while they are in session, visit