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2022 Legislative Wrap Up

The 2022 legislative session has come to a close, and there are a number of policies passed this year that I believe will continue to push Indiana in the right direction.

This year, due to Indiana's strong economic standing, the General Assembly passed House Enrolled Act 1002. HEA 1002 phases down Indiana's income-tax rate to 2.9%, tied for the lowest rate in the nation, and could save taxpayers up to $1 billion once fully implemented. Not only are taxes being cut, but Hoosiers will also see roughly $125 per taxpayer returned to them in the form of a credit after hitting high reserve levels last year.

Additionally, I supported a handful of measures aimed at curbing violent crime in Marion County. I sponsored House Enrolled Act 1300, which aims to regulate charitable bail organizations by requiring they register with the Department of Insurance. HEA 1300 would also prohibit these organizations from bailing out individuals charged with a violent felony and ensure taxpayer money, in the form of crime prevention grants, is not used to post bail for criminal defendants.

We also passed Senate Enrolled Acts 7 and 9, which will make improvements to Indiana's ankle monitoring standards, increase communication among law-enforcement departments in Indianapolis, and increase funding for crime-fighting resources in high crime areas.

In addition to these pieces of legislation targeting crime, I also authored bills to ensure Hoosier children continue to receive a quality education.

Senate Enrolled Act 115 will protect our students by requiring anyone working inside a school corporation to go through a background check process.

Lastly, Senate Enrolled Act 123 will require all children to be screened for dyslexia, ensuring it is identified and managed at an early age.

I encourage you to contact me with any questions or comments you may have by email at or by phone at 800-382-9467.