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Tomes: Honoring Our Veterans

State Sen. Jim Tomes (R-Wadesville) submits the following letter to recognize Hoosier veterans on Veterans Day:

November 11 is another opportunity for Americans to reflect on veterans – young and old – who have changed the course of history, not only in this country, but the entire world. 

More than 240 years ago when soldiers entered the battlefield on foot or horseback, to today’s warriors in mechanized units and bullet-fast fighter jets, the American soldiers, marines, airmen and sailors all started off the same way. 

They were – and are – young people who leave their families, friends and hometowns, and set out on a completely new world ... a world where the perpetual offended do not exist. It’s a world where there are no apologies demanded every minute, and half of the time, none will be given.

It’s a world where young men and women accept duty to God and our country and they assume an obligation, responsibility and a commitment to fulfill those virtues with honor. These warriors understand an order is a command, not a request. They don’t shuffle their feet. Their steps have meaning and they stand tall and straight in their uniforms.

These young men and women engage the enemies of liberty and freedom. They hold the line, and make the advance. Our American fighters throughout the ages have unselfishly and courageously been willing to pay the high price for the cost of freedom and have never submitted an invoice for services rendered. 

We are forever grateful to our veterans – past and present. 

Senator Jim Tomes
Vietnam Veteran 101st Airborne, 1969-1970