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Tomes Welcomes Civil Air Patrol Students to Statehouse

TOMES WELCOMES CIVIL AIR PATROL STUDENTS TO THE STATEHOUSE: State Sen. Jim Tomes (R-Wadesville, center) welcomes members of the Civil Air Patrol to the Statehouse Wednesday, March 25. Tomes discussed his past military service, his tour of duty in the Vietnam War and the opportunities available through the armed forces.

“It was an honor to meet these young men and women, who are the future of the United States Armed Forces,” Tomes said. “The Civil Air Patrol is a great program for students to learn about what it means to serve your country.” The Civil Air Patrol, which is a U.S. Air Force auxiliary program, was formed in 1941, just one week before the attack on Pearl Harbor. Students who take part in the Civil Air Patrol are trained in aerospace education, cadet programs and emergency services.


Contact: Laura Beth Clymer, Press Secretary

Kristen Williams, Intern