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[s7] Sen. Hershman Commended for Pro-Jobs Voting Record

STATEHOUSE (July 12, 2012) – State Sen. Brandt Hershman (R-Buck Creek) received a 92 percent ranking — tying for second highest in the Senate — from the Indiana Chamber of Commerce in its annual Legislative Vote Analysis report for his support of pro-jobs, pro-economic development legislation during the 2012 Indiana General Assembly.

Separate statistics show Hershman also achieved an overall voting attendance record of 99.7 percent for the 2012 legislative session.

For 28 years, the Chamber, a statewide organization that represents the interests of more than 26,000 Hoosier businesses, has measured the voting performance of all 150 state legislators on bills that impact the organization's public policy positions. The Chamber specifically cited three bills Hershman spearheaded — Senate Bill 345, Statewide 911 System; House Bill 1072, Tax Administration; and House Bill 1154, Local Purchasing and Public Works Preferences — as pro-jobs, pro-economy legislation along with others he supported.

“Legislators and state officials must continue to work together in favor of Hoosiers who are unemployed or underemployed,” Hershman said. “This means promoting a statewide atmosphere that is not only beneficial to our local employers and encourages them to expand, but that’s also inviting to businesses nationwide and worldwide. Jobs and economic development must remain the focus for legislators this year, especially during the upcoming budget session.”

Bills used in the Chamber’s report were selected based on their significant impact to the state's economic climate and workforce, officials noted in a press release last week. Only votes for which there is a public record are used in the Legislative Vote Analysis.

“The 2012 legislative session saw many key votes on pro-jobs, pro-economy initiatives and Senator Hershman was one of the very best at supporting the Indiana Chamber's efforts to make the Hoosier state an even better place to live, work and raise a family,” Chamber President Kevin Brinegar said. “We appreciate his continued dedication towards making Indiana businesses, jobs and families a priority.”

For more information about the Chamber’s rankings, the full report can be viewed here.