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[s7] Sen. Hershman Applauds North White ISTEP+ Scores

State Sen. Brandt Hershman (R-Buck Creek) made the following statement today congratulating North White School Corporation officials, teachers, parents and students on their improved ISTEP+ scores:

STATEHOUSE (July 10, 2012) – The Indiana Department of Education’s latest data shows North White School Corporation is the second most-improved corporation statewide in terms of overall ISTEP+ student pass rates for the 2011-2012 school year.

“This tremendous achievement is worthy of our recognition and appreciation. North White's success stands out dramatically when you compare this level of improvement to other school systems in the state that face similar socioeconomic challenges and receive significantly more funding. For example, North White’s number of recipients of free and reduced lunch, as well as English Language Learners, are roughly  comparable to Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) — 70 percent of students at North White are on a free or reduced lunch plan, versus 81 percent of students attending IPS. The number of English Language Learners at North White exceeds IPS at 15 percent versus 12 percent. The IPS pass rate was 48 percent, an improvement of almost 4 percent. North White had a pass rate of 78 percent, a stellar improvement of almost 13 percent.

“North White’s teachers and students are proving that all kids can learn and improve, despite the socioeconomic or cultural challenges they may face in life. We can’t allow these factors to be scapegoats for failure. Instead, we must encourage educational success to put our students onto healthy career paths and fight poverty.  Teachers, administrators, the school board and parents deserve to be recognized for this landmark achievement. My congratulations to all for a job well done.”

Indiana Department of Education officials released North White School Corporation’s 2011-2012 ISTEP+ scores during a Statehouse press conference Tuesday morning. Results showed a 12.6 percentage-point improvement in students passing both the Math and English/Language Arts portions of ISTEP+ from the 2010-2011 results. North White School Corporation’s overall passing rate for 2011-2012 is 78.3 percent. The IPS overall 2011-2012 passing rate is the third lowest in the state at 48.3 percent. For a full list of Indiana schools’ ISTEP+ scores, click here.