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[s7] Statement from Sen. Hershman on Chief Executive Magazine Business Climate Ranking for Indiana

Senate Tax & Fiscal Committee Chair Brandt Hershman (R-Buck Creek) made the following statement today regarding Indiana’s fifth-place ranking on Chief Executive magazine’s business climate survey:


STATEHOUSE (May 2, 2012) – “Indiana’s growing leadership in economic development is the result of making tough choices during difficult economic times. We've put Indiana on the path to being the destination of choice for new job growth in the United States. Our rankings will continue to improve as our recently enacted tax reductions take full effect.


“Job opportunities and economic development continue to top the priority list in the Indiana Senate. In 2011, we reduced corporate income taxes while Illinois increased theirs. This year, we passed both an inheritance tax elimination plan and a Right to Work initiative, all with the ambition of making Indiana a better place to live, work and raise a family. Chief Executive’s survey taken by CEOs from around the United States confirms that we are achieving this goal.


“We will continue to work to maintain Indiana’s AAA credit rating and reliable job-creation environment, free of tax increases that burden businesses and individual Hoosiers alike. I look forward to the upcoming year, when we’ll also work to create a fifth-consecutive balanced budget for Indiana.”


Chief Executive magazine ranks Indiana as the best place to do business in the Midwest and fifth best in the United States in a 2012 survey of more than 500 company executives. Indiana has improved 11 spots in the survey since 2010 and was ranked sixth in 2011. The survey asks executives to rank states based on business tax policies, regulation, workforce quality and livability factors. Full survey results are available by visiting